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Wayne Hughley

Wayne Hughley is a talented singer and musician. He is also the former owner of The Music Booth, which was a popular music practice and recording studio for local musicians as well as the internationally famous band
“Skid Row”.

Wayne has also performed at numerous venues in the Jersey Shore Area including weddings, banquets and private events.

Bob Ferry

Bob Ferry is widely known in the New York area for his advanced technique, melodic phrasing and creative modern approach to the guitar. He is in demand for his extensive repertoire and ability to play any style fluently. His ability to play most anything has led to a varied carrier. His experience includes Broadway shows, the concert stage playing Rock, Funk, Fusion, R&B, Latin and Jazz. Writing, recording, producing great music and Teaching have always been a
passion for Bob. He is a veteran musician at the top of his game.

Jake Cohn

Jake Cohn is a rapper who grew up near the Jersey Shore.  He combines his experience traveling the world along with his eclectic interests to generate unique flows, delivery and symbolism.

Jake believes in reaching out to a broad audience and tries to make his listeners think about the message he delivers
long after the song ends.

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